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About Us

Child playing with toy truckDr. Kathy Thomas has been in practice since 2001 and is the owner and director of Healing Chiropractic. Her chiropractic care center has a reputation for excellence in family wellness. Whether you’re a newborn, a child, a stressed-out professional or a struggling senior, she provides exceptional care. She has almost two decades of experience in helping those she serves to live lives of vitality and glowing health.

We Put Ourselves in Your Shoes

Dr. Thomas doesn’t have a complicated philosophy or rigid mission statement. As she always says, “I strive to be a good listener. I customize my approach to each patient—and I can only know what you need if I listen well, and evaluate thoroughly.”

Our philosophy in a nutshell? Chiropractic is natural and painless. It can change your life. And it feels good!

We try to put ourselves in your shoes as if we were the patient. What would we want to know? How can we be reassured? What would make us feel confident, secure and comfortable?

A Patient’s Success Story

Early in her career, Dr. Thomas had a male patient come in for care. He had a twitching leg. For almost 20 years, the twitching became worse and worse. He’d gone everywhere—one of those “been there, done that” cases. As she evaluated him, she noticed that when she assessed his neck, the twitching ceased.

The patient had this twitch for no known reason. After several visits with other medical professionals, no answers were found. Dr. Thomas did a full evaluation and found spinal interference even into the neck area. With the very first chiropractic adjustment, his leg twitch was significantly improved and nearly 100% gone.

Do things like this happen every day? Of course not. But they happen often enough that sometimes people call them “miracle stories.” But they’re not miracle stories at all. They’re merely evidence of the body responding favorably to the removal of nerve interference.

Come in and See Us Today

She and her team would love to welcome you to their practice family. Healing Chiropractic is based on a simple fact: if you’re hurting, you want to be healed. We are ready to help you. Contact our Vancouver office today for a same-day appointment!

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